Monotype Guild of New England


MONOTYPE GUILD OF NEW ENGLAND: An Organization Dedicated to the Art of the Unique Print


The Monotype Guild of New England is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 by Beverly Edwards and a group of artists working with her in monotype workshops at the Fuller Museum in Brockton and at the Cope Cod Conservatory in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The group needed to find sites to exhibit their work and exchange ideas with other artists working in this medium. She formed the structure, purpose and by-laws of the Monotype Guild of New England (MGNE).

The purpose of the organization, dedicated to the art of the unique print, is to foster understanding and appreciation of monotypes and monoprints. To this end, the guild sponsors exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and other special programs for its members and the public.

In 1985, MGNE was legally incorporated and shortly thereafter given non-profit, educational status. A call for charter members among the area’s print groups rapidly expanded the initial membership to over 100 in three New England state. MGNE recently introduced two new classesof membership to include student artists and sustaining members. MGNE is now open to artists throughout the United States, and currently hasartist members from 7 states outside of New England, as well as members from all six New England States.

Quarterly newsletters inform members of MGNE news and events. A slide file of members’ work is maintained for proposals and is made available to galleries, museum and art representatives.

The Guild has sponsored more than fifty open, juried and curated exhibitions for it’s members. In 1988, the Guild participated in the first of its kind international exchange exhibition with unique print artists from Western Australia. The joint exhibition toured five galleries and museums in Australia and four in New England.

The Monotype Guild of New England operates through the voluntary participation of its members. There is no jurying requirement for membership.

Currently, the Guild currently has over 250 members.

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