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House of Conflicting Music, Serigraphic Monotype with Encaustic, 12" x 9 1/4"

Row Houses with Grimy Sky, Collagraph with Chine-collé, 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Vivace Home, Monotype over Etching with Chine-collé, 6" x 6"

       Artist Statement

I am concerned with messages, interpretations, language, decay, and layered histories. Poetry lets me explore these processes through the medium of text in the verbal realm. The themes and images that often reoccurred in my written work are the same ones that are being fleshed out in my paintings, assemblages and experimental printmaking forays. My prints themselves seek to take on the characteristics of poetry. The house is a reoccurring image in many pieces. The notion of sharing space with teenagers and their music has surfaced as a theme in many pieces recently.

These prints, some collagraphs, some mixed processes are the result of layering and reworking graphic imagery, letters forms, movable type and symbols that hopefully cast a sliver of light on the challenge that communication and being understood is.

I received my BA in Art Education from Iowa State University and MFA from Vermont College of Fine Art. I currently teach printmaking at the Midcoast Printmakers studio in Damariscotta, Maine College of Art and at various Adult Education programs in the Midcoast Maine.

"The magical space in between realism and artifice, between physical phenomenon and mental activities between objective and subjective states." - Vik Muniz

       Contact Information

Phone:      207-563-7100
Address:   57 Pine Ridge Road
                   Damariscotta, ME 04543